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Elf/ Jester Shoes


These shoes are fun to wear at Holiday parties, or if you know anyone that loves to dress up as a Elf . We origianally designed these shoes for a local balloon artist these shoes are ideal to wear to any event that requires costume wear. The interior of the shoes are lined with a thin layer of shearing and it has a shearing cuff that goes around your feet for extra warmth. On the exterior of the shoes is genuine suede. The soles are veg tan leather. For measurments, take a measuring tape and measure from the longest toe to the heel ( length in CM) and for the arch, wrap the tape around your feet just below the toe area ( in CM)  or place your feet flat on the ground and trace your feet on a peice of paper. If you have any questions regarding colors or sizing, contact us at any time.

These shoes are a Made To Order product and it takes us three to four weeks to complete.