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Slip On Slippers


You will love to wear these stunning shearing lined slippers on a cold winter morning and evening. The exterior is a beautiful suede leather and the interior is genuine shearing it goes around your feet to provide that extra warmth and softness. We can make them with a double suede sole or a rubber crepe there are no laces on these slippers and they have a low heel just like a sandal . All you have to do is slip them on and relax they are gorgeous to wear. For  measuring, measure from the longest toe to the heel ( length) and for the arch, wrap a measure tape around the arch of the foot just below the toe area. If you have any additional questions regarding colors or measurements, contact us at any time.For wide width sizes, contact us at any time.

Colour choices Suede: Toast ( as shown in photo) , Chocolate Brown, Sand, Burgundy,Taupe and Grey.

Shearing Colour choices: Maple, Chocolate Brown,White, Grey, Black, and Taupe.




Made in Edmonton Alberta Canada from our shop.

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